Garlic and paprika shortbread

My sister is a devout hater of cheese. I’ve tried to persuade her. I’ve tried to trick her. But she can smell vacuum-sealed parmesan even when it’s in the next building. I developed these savoury no-cheese biscuits for her hen’s party last week.

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Cherry Salad

For my part, Christmas in Australia wouldn’t be complete without German stollen and gingerbread, Italian panforte and prosecco, at least one very British mince-pie and some prawns fresh from the Pacific. In particular, Christmas isn’t Christmas without cherry salad.

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Balsamic pavlova with stawberries

It doesn’t happen often, but I think I just invented something amazing. No really! Unless, of course, this is like the original pavlova debate, which would mean that if I googled ‘balsamic pavlova,’ I’d find a New Zealand claimant for… But I won’t do that just yet.

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Cheat’s Greek Spinach Pies

I wrote a couple of Cheat’s Italian recipes a few years ago that I’d never serve to an Italian. My family, on the other hand, keeps eating them over and over again. I must admit that I consistently use similarly non-authentic recipes for a range of other national cuisines. I’d never show – or serve – today’s recipe to my Greek friends, but I’d be happy to eat this most any day of the week.

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Asparagus, poached eggs and hollandaise

I knew spring had truly sprung when I saw this glistening stack of green asparagus on my plate six weeks or so ago. Asparagus season is pretty much over now, but I couldn’t quite let it go without posting this lovely recipe.

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Currant tea biscuits

These little tea biscuits are based on my basic sugar cookie recipe. Ila and I whipped them up one afternoon last week and have been singing about bakers’ shops  and sugar on the top ever since.

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Whenever I’m in charity shops or second-hand bookstores, I always take a look at the cooking section. The usual selection goes something like this: The Low GI Cookbook, The South Beach Diet, 101 Ways with Mince, Microwave Chinese Cooking. It’s these appliance-specific cookbooks that I find really entertaining. Ever wanted to try roasting a suckling pig in the microwave? Me neither. Read more →

Tofu and sesame fritters

We’re not veggie in our house, although we go for weeks sometimes without eating meat. When we’re having a vegetarian week (or month), I can’t help but think these tofu fritters are just what we need. Protein? Thank you tofu. Calcium? Thank you sesame seeds.

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Seed and carrot muffins

Tuesdays are the longest day of the week by far. The glow of the past weekend has faded. The satisfaction of being halfway through the work-week grind is still a day away. There is only the slow counting of hours until 5.30 and the commute home.  However, I’ve decided that muffins are the perfect panacea to the Tuesday blues. Read more →

Apricot, oat and cardamom cookies

Some weekends, when I don’t have anything on, I send out a barrage of text invitations to friends I’ve not seen in a while to pop by for tea. Usually, I haven’t seen these people for a reason: they are more organised than I am and will already have an action-packed weekend planned. Clearly, this weekend, everyone was at a similar loose end. On Friday night, I suddenly found myself booked in for an entire weekend of morning, afternoon and evening tea and coffee.

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